1. Busy street scene 2. Man talking on mobile phone 3. Men and women walking on the street 4. Young couple seated 5. Couple walking 6. Elderly couple seated 7. Women's lifestyle magazines 8. Close up headline : "You think you're his girlfriend, but does he?" 9. Pan of pile of Dating books 10. Mid shot "Are men necessary ?" book 11. Zoom in on "Real Deal" website 12. Pan over men panel in website 13. Shot of Ben, the single guy on the web page 14. Joanna White, real deal founder walking to computer 15. Close up White 16. SOUNDBITE : (English) Joanna White, "Real Deal" founder " I was newly back into dating and my experience was, I was a bit unsure of a situation and asked my girlfriends, I happened to ask a male friend of mine, and got very different advice, and gut feel, I went with my male friend and it turned out to be right." 17. White with boyfriend Chris Wilmott 18. Pan from White to Wilmott 19.SOUNDBITE : (English) Joanna White, "Real Deal" founder" "If you're single and 18 and in your first couple of relationships or dating, the questions you might be asking regarding, you know, understanding men and their behaviour and the whole SMS (texting) thing and what does one kiss mean versus two kisses and all of that, is very different say to someone who has been in a long term relationship, that might have some kids and is getting back into dating or relationships." 20. "Real Deal" Website 21. Close up hands typing on keyboard 22. Text appearing on screen 23. SOUNDBITE : (English) Joanna White, "Real Deal" founder "You're, certainly in the start of a relationship, you're not the most open with your feeling so people on both sides are trying to interpret what certain text messages or phone conversations are meaning, and that's where people, girls often, potentially misinterpret the signals guys give them." 24. Ben St. Lawrence, the single guys' web page 25. Ben at the computer 26. Close up Ben 27. SOUNDBITE : (English) Ben St Lawrence, single guy: "The strangest thing was actually from a 65 year old woman who had a travelling companion, and they'd been staying in the same bed for three years and she was wanting to take it to the next level and I just thought it was funny that a sixty five year old would be asking my advice." 28. Wilmott in the kitchen 29. SOUNDBITE : (English) Chris Wilmott, Joanna's boyfriend: "I get asked a lot about break ups, about girls who have broken up with their boyfriend, how can they get their boyfriend back, or should they give up on trying to do that. I get asked about sex, that's always good fun, what do guys really find that sexy what do guys really like in the bedroom." 30. Couple walking 31. SOUNDBITE : (English) Vox pop (no name available) "My single friends if they're talking about a guy, I think he's not that into you or whatever else, I don't always tell them because I don't want to upset them whereas a guy might just give it to them straight." 32. SOUNDBITE : (English) Vox pop (no name available) "Yeah we (woman and husband) have our moments where we're on different wavelengths completely." 33. Older couple walking 34. SOUNDBITE : (English) Vox pop (no name available) "I think it's a good idea but I think it's most important for women to figure that out for themselves." 35. couple walking along 36.SOUNDBITE : (English) Chris Wilmott, Joanna's boyfriend: " I always say if someone is really worried about their boyfriend or they've broken up often it's a sign to go 'is this right for me?' there are hundreds of other guys out there and you may be better off in a different relationship." 37. White and Wilmott in the kitchen. LEAD IN : Knowing what your date REALLY thinks is a mystery to most singletons. STORYLINE : You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/38b8abd5c35c268df1515a65ea32029b Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork