Exclusive Long Statistical Videos & Commentary Vids will be at the following link. You will need to join at the $5 level a month. patreon.com/successfulladieslivecont #AssimilateBlackWoman #SetYourselfApartBW #LeaveTheBlackCommunity #NoCapeZone #NoCoverZone #NoMulesZone https://madamenoire.com/843867/men-giving-women-advice-fails/ Greetings Sis, respectfully your story keeps changing about relationships to the point, I find it kind of confusing and contradictory at times. One thing I do overstand is mental disease on so many different levels, and for us to try to reconcile we put names, actions, numbers, and insults, disguised as help and awareness. Examples: Thots, mammy, pick me, struggle love, look scores from 1-10, self worth based on having a child or not/your value goes down or up, light skinned, dark skinned, fat, skinny, gym no gym, blackastan, etc, etc. And the list goes on and on for days. "Tired" What I hear and see is mental disease and wounds on both sides and everyone is trying to make mental clarity of it. We are wounded due to someones offenses against us whether it was our mothers, fathers, auntie, uncles, siblings, or experiences, somewhere we were wounded and now we are trying to heal. What we are doing is pouring salt and nasty germs into the wounds that are already opened, and then turn around and say I'm helping. I will stop here no dishonor my Sis just observation. We know there is a problem, but what we have to see, is what equation am I in this problem. Anytime we make the comment that "I know people are going to be mad, and curse me out" and laugh about it ans say whatever, that's another level of dis-ease. And I'm seeing this all over the media with others and there is no life. We can't put out a fire with gas. Just my thoughts. Be Whole Sis Okay, waste can I give you a piece of advice no black man in America hate black women don't like we just don't like your f**** attitude you don't like the back talk we don't want all that. If you want to learn how to be humble and quiet as an experience you'll get I guarantee you'll find a husband really quick. but men don't want a woman they have to argue with me and one was going to do what they say and follow directions not a woman who thinks they're on the same level as him because you're not on the same level. See black women this is why you should never take dating advice from other black women. There is a reason why over 50% of black women never get married but over half of black women will be baby mamas because you all want to listen to your mother's in your grandmother's who were also never married telling you to think independently. which is fine okay but I guarantee you you ain't going to find a man. And you definitely need a man to be happy and raise a family. This channel has and will always be a voice for Black Woman both light and dark. We are trampled on, talked about and have been largely left behind. In order for us to live "Our Best Life" we must at least be open to the truth. Feel free to support me at the following handles greatly appreciated. Leah Paypal : Link Below https://www.paypal.me/successfulladieslive Cash App Handle : https://cash.me/$SuccessfulLadiesLive Patreon At The $5 A Month Level Includes ALL Exclusive Videos https://www.patreon.com/successfullladieslive #DWBWCancelled #🚍ComaBusResults #CapeZoneResults #CoverZoneResults #MulesZoneResults