Upside Productions & 661 Nightlife presents... "The Speed Date" a night of entertainment, comedy, meeting new people and dancing come join us of February, Friday the 13th inside Cielo 9 Bar. This event is for everyone! You don't need to be single to come out and enjoy this event. Hosted by Dejon "The Deacon" Jernagin & Danny Morrison. This is a first of its kind event in Bakersfield. Register, sponsor, or for more info visit us online at www.thespeeddate.com or contact Sponsored by : www.upsideproductions.com www.661nightlife.com www.thebak.com www.bakersfit.com Fred's Barber Shop Uncles BBQ "T" 661-281-5007 or Mikal 661-326-1266 Rules of the Speed Date: Speed dating is absolutely fun, and totally safe. Speed dating is the modern way to bring both professionals and singles together. There is no need of any personal advertisements or blind dates. But like there are rules in all other games, speed dating also has its own rules and regulations that one should follow. RULES & PROCEDURES OF SPEED DATING Register: Step one is to register for the Speed Dating event. Please fill out the Registration Form. Once received, you will be prompt to pay. Your payment is your confirmation of registration. Online registration ends February 12th, midnight. However, you can register the day of event for an additional fee. Sign In: Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the official start time to sign-in and mingle. We will begin promptly at 8:00pm. Please sign in upon arrival to receive your scorecard and complimentary drink ticket. The Waiting List: To ensure an even balance of men and women, if you do not sign in at least 15 minutes before the event starts, your spot will be given to the top name on the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, we ask that you arrive 30-45 minutes before the start time and let us know that you are present. Feel free to mix and mingle with the other participants beforehand, and keep your fingers crossed...a spot may open up for you. (We may also contact you before the event if we receive a cancellation.) The Big Event! At the event, there will be an equal number of men and women. We facilitate the whole thing so you are guaranteed to meet everyone. To maximize your experience, we hold the events in semi-private venue. We will give each participant a Welcome Pack, including a name tag (with your first name and a number only), Score Card and a few sample questions to help you with the daters. You may enjoy yourselves with the drinks and food. At the start of the event, everyone puts on a name tag with only your first name and a number. To break the ice among daters, we will have our comedian set the tone before the main event. Then, we will review the Ground Rules a few minutes before the start time. The event is organized so that you will chat, ask questions, and check out the chemistry with everyone in a string of one-on-one conversations lasting 5 minutes each. At the end of the 5 minutes, a bell will ring, and you will have 1 minute to fill out your “Score Card” as to whether you would like to see that person again in the future. The men will then move to the next seat. The process continues until everyone has met. Half way through there will be a short break where you may refill your drinks, stretch, etc. When all the men have met all the women, you hand in your completed “Score Card” to the host. The event itself will last for about two hours. You are then welcome to stay and mingle for awhile. We will have a jamming DJ, so we will be partying afterwards. REMEMBER!…you do not disclose your last name, where you live or work, phone number, etc. Nor do you ask someone out during the event itself…no pressure! THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY PURPOSES. It's a Match! (or two, or three, or more...) After the event, we will compile the information from everyone's Score Cards to determine who matches up. If two people mutually checked “YES,” then that's a match (odds are you'll have one or more matches). You'll receive a private e-mail within three days of the event listing the first names and e-mail addresses or phone numbers of the people you matched with. From there, it's up to you to contact one another to learn more about each other and set up another date.